New EXAKT smart packaging solution for FMCG products (Press Release)

Magic Add’s new service uses smart tags to link tutorials, origin, recycling instructions, and more. 

Turku, Finland (15 October 2020) – Finnish startup Magic Add Ltd. has launched EXAKT, a new web-based app that provides users with enhanced product information. No more Googling or searching the fine print— EXAKT provides more relevant information than could ever fit on the packaging.

After pointing a phone camera at the code, EXAKT opens automatically without requiring any download or registration. There, the user will find clear sections where they can quickly find exactly what they want to know about the product in their hand. Not only does this eliminate room for typing errors and save consumers time by displaying critical product details, such as allergens or diet suitability, in a more standardized way. It also makes it possible to attach additional information, like recipes and tips, for a richer user experience.

“The ways consumers interact with product packaging is almost unchanged from 100 years ago. We’re still standing in the shop aisle, squinting at the side of a tin, just like our grandparents did. It’s time to leverage the internet and attach digital information to physical packaging,” says Ari Salonen, CEO of Magic Add. “At a time when people want to spend as little time in the store as possible, making product information easier to find really adds value,” he continues.

EXAKT fits with the growing trend for consumers to demand more transparency about the products they buy, such as origin and environmental footprint.

“We are a values-based company and there's so much we want to communicate to our customers— the research behind the effectiveness of a new ingredient, our environmentally-friendly packaging, tutorials on how to use our products, and how our products are handmade in Naantali, Finland. EXAKT is an innovative way to link all of this easily from the packaging,” says Piritta Fors, CEO and co-founder of Luonkos, an organic cosmetics company and one of EXAKT’s first pilot customers.

In addition to providing users with hyperrelevant product information, EXAKT includes intuitive feedback functionality. This lets users rate content as helpful or unhelpful, and to send questions, suggestions, or notify brands directly if there is a physical problem with the product.

In return for providing consumers with more transparency and better quality information, EXAKT helps brands gain valuable, actionable data. When consumers scan EXAKT codes, anonymized data is created, such as demographics, location, and time of scan. Combining this anonymized data with consumer feedback gives brands a better understanding of what kinds of consumers are buying their products.

EXAKT creates a powerful new data stream that brands can use to improve their products and marketing, and make recalls as targeted as possible. Magic Add is currently piloting EXAKT with select FMCG brands and plans to scale it further starting with Nordic countries in 2021.

For further information please contact:

Charlotte Junnila, Communications Manager, Magic Add Ltd., tel. +358 (0) 40 857 4008


Right info, right now. EXAKT is a SaaS solution for attaching digital content to physical products. It provides enhanced product information for consumers and actionable insights for brands. Powered by Magic Add’s IoP platform. Find out more at Follow EXAKT on Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

About Magic Add Ltd.

Magic Add is pioneering Internet of Packaging (IoP) technology. We built a platform that can serialize an infinite number of packages, connect them with the cloud, and attach digital services, such as EXAKT. When individual products have unique digital identities, they can collect and share information as they journey through the supply chain. This can be used to verify authenticity and fight counterfeiting; track and communicate origin of raw materials; share interesting information with consumers, from coupons to recycling instructions; and more. It also provides insight and actionable data gathered from real-time, real-world usage. Find out more about Magic Add and the Internet of Packaging at Follow Magic Add on Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

About Luonkos

Luonkos develops, produces and sells innovative natural hand-made cosmetics in ecological plastic-free zero waste packaging. The products are vegan, water-free, preservative-free and made of organic virgin oils, superfoods, vitamins and natural plants. See more at


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